​Carrie Deane Corcoran loves traditions. She grew up in New Canaan and every nook in town gives way to a fond memory: The May Fair in Spring, the slide at Putnam Shoes in Summer, cider and donuts at Fairty’s Orchard in Fall, caroling on God’s Acre and sledding down Benedict Hill in Winter. A special treat for her and brother Peter Deane, was when their dad treated them to breakfast at The Elmcrest Diner before school. She feels blessed to have grown up in this bucolic New England town with great schools, endless opportunities and a real sense of community spirit. It was here that Carrie and Peter made life-long friendships and learned the importance of giving back to the community from their grandparents and parents. It was all these factors that made Carrie and Peter want to raise their families in “the next station to heaven!”

That Carrie and Peter value traditions stands to reason. Their father, Peter Deane, and grandfather, Raymond Girard, built careers creating spaces in which families celebrated traditions. Now Carrie and her brother, Peter have carried this family legacy to the present day, spanning three generations.

Raymond & Elva Girard settled in New Canaan to raise three daughters in town, the eldest being Carrie and Peter’s mother Ingrid, who was born while her father was about to go through the Panama Canal on route to action in the Pacific theater during World War II. Then came Pam and Peg.

As she grew up, Ingrid Girard’s path would cross more than once with Peter Deane, another New Canaanite coming of age in the 50s. The same threads that Carrie and Peter trace back through their formative years their parents trace back through theirs. They went to different schools early on, Ingrid went to Center School, Peter went to South, and it was at New Canaan High School that a spark of recognition drew them together. In 1966 they were married at the original St. Aloysius Church, surrounded by their family and friends.

In time Carrie’s father, Peter Deane joined his father-in-law’s firm, and together they created kitchens that set the stage for countless memories in New Canaan and beyond. Eventually, Carrie and her brother Peter took over the business, which today is known as Deane, Inc., and what started in just kitchens has spread throughout the home as clients requested the Deane craftsmanship in all of their rooms.  Peter currently runs the business.

In addition to following Raymond Girard into the business of kitchens, the three generations that followed his lead by staying in New Canaan also followed his lead in giving back to the community they love. Raymond served as President of the Lions Club and held a post at the VFW. Peter and Ingrid brought Safe Rides to town and served as reliable volunteers for countless organizations. Peter served as a president of the Rotary Club, was active in youth sports, and was Santa for friends’ children and local hospitals in the area for many years. 
Carrie and Peter in their early years volunteered through church, helped with the RedCross blood drives, Safe Rides as well as Americares and Habitat for Humanity.  Both live in town and remain active volunteers in the community.  Carrie and John have 2 boys, and Peter and Julia have three children.  Carrie and Peter credit their joy in their lives to one key decision made early on: they came back home to raise their families and stay put. And that made all of the difference.

Carrie Deane Corcoran photographed with her husband John and their children Peter and Chris.

Carrie’s grandparents Elva And Ray Girard photographed with their daughters, from left, Peggy Girard, Pam Girard Martin and Ingrid Deane.

Ingrid and Peter cruising into the future outside the original St. Aloysius Church.

Peter and Ingrid with their children Carrie and Peter photographed in 1970.

Peter and Ingrid with their children Peter and Carrie.

The Deanes and the Girards at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1984.

Carrie’s brother Peter with his family Mac, Julia, Brooke, Griffin and Dewey.